Stitches in Time: 13 July – 10 Sept 2021

Beautiful embroidery stitches illustrate the history of the world. We are able to take the journey of the stitch from way back when into a modern idiom. Our unique approach in art and stitch is the realization that we draw our inspiration from ancient stitched masterpieces. We need to be in the 21st century with a lateral approach to reinventing some of these magnificent designs with stitches, that have so much potential for development. Our inspiration comes from the exquisite balance of nature and landscape. These themes are extremely popular. With the Flora and Fauna, we pay a huge amount of attention to detail but never lose sight of the importance of the media (canvas, linen, wool, silk and organza) with which we are working.

We create designs for artwork such as wall pieces, paintings, textured three dimensional pieces for ornamentation and book covers. Digital patterns and bespoke kit patterns are designed as a guide to creative embroidery. The scope is huge, and can also include utilitarian embroidery such as embellishment on quilts, duvets, curtains, cushions, lampshades and so much more.

This extraordinary exhibition is a showcase of almost 200 hand embroidered works by Nikki Delport-Wepener and her students from the Les Designs Studio. It is a celebration of what can be achieved with the needle. A cross section of techniques and skills is on display. The students are from many different countries and it is this cosmopolitan mix that allows the uniqueness of the individual to shine through. The common denominator is the love of hand stitching. The designs and techniques showcased throughout this display are a culmination of many years of tuition and expertise from Nikki Delport-Wepener.

Nikki aims to increase the public’s awareness of the arts, in particular, mixed media hand embroidery. Nikki would like to share her joy in creative stitching and that of her students with images of the lifestyle in Hong Kong and flora and fauna from around the world.

The display illustrates the exciting range of Nikki’s stitch combinations and techniques she shares with her students. The themes on display are based on Flora and Fauna. On display are animals, fish, insects and creatures that are created as 2D and 3D images. A variety of stitches and techniques have been used in each design. Every embroidered piece has been carefully crafted and created over several months.

Life in and around Hong Kong
Hong Kong is so special as it has so many diverse places and spaces. The landscape is forever changing, whether walking the streets, taking a ferry, riding on a tram or in a car. Street scenes of busy people and colourful vendors selling and cooking stimulate the senses. The different home types, whether apartments or floating homes are fascinating as they are packed with details depicting the daily life of the Hong Kong people. Hong Kong is a famous harbour with massive water activity. Depicting the fishing vessels and famous Star ferry with working life and transport for the public is a wonderful theme for art and stitch.

Lorette E. Roberts, author of ‘Sights and Secrets of Hong Kong’ and ‘Colour Hong Kong’ was a wonderful source of inspiration for the embroideries on display. Each embroidered piece is placed beside (a print of) Lorette’s original artwork.

Each piece is a fascinating interpretation of the life and everyday objects so familiar to those who know and love Hong Kong.
Using the original 2D artwork as a starting point, the embroiderers have created their own versions of the subject, in many cases 3D, using a variety of stitches and techniques such as appliqué, beads, found objects, barbola, trapunto, wire work, stumpwork and many more with various and fascinating results!

Beautiful Botanicals
The themes on display here are based on Flora around the world. This display illustrates the many interpretations of flowering plants, flowers in bloom, fynbos, flower and creature samplers, decorated cheongsams and aprons that are created as 2D and 3D images. A variety of stitches and techniques have been used in each design, every embroidered piece has been carefully crafted and created over several months.

Enjoy this particular window which shows the diversity of embroidery stitches and techniques; silk shading, double-sided embroidery, gold work, traditional embroidery and mixed media free-style embroidery using wire, beads, cords, textured threads, dimensional stitches, ribbons and found objects.

Nikki would like to thank all her fabulous creative students who have contributed to this exhibition.

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