Who and what is Les Designs for living?

It’s for embroiderers, quilters, fashion designers, interior decorators and artists = the healing power of creativity and saving the planet. Les Designs is all about Talking, Tuition and Technique. Our roots are traditional for both Art and Stitch.

  • Traditional teaching roots – We stick to our traditional methods of shading and stumpwork but add in the element of surprise including other techniques for an art/embroidery, a mixed media approach.
  • Talk
    • talk to us
    • we are available as guest speakers
  • Tuition
    • available for adults and children (under the Covid situation we would work with small groups or individual sessions)
    • Classes of stitching and sketching/painting (I.e. stitches in sketches)
    • Fine Art Classes
    • Commissions can be ordered
    • Tuition can be via WhatsApp, email, art classes and Zoom sessions for Art or stitch classes
    • Summer programmes for kids – art and/or stitching
    • We offer Gift vouchers
  • Techniques
    • Embroidery: Stumpwork, shading, wire methods, working with textures, felting methods, transfer techniques, ribbon, reconstruction of lace and stitch combinations
    • Art – painting and sketching/drawing from beginner to advanced classes
  • Products for sale – books, kits (Digital patterns) and Bespoke kit designs.
  • Classes – Please enquire directly on the website and we will let you know which classes are available and where in the world we will be available.