Just Stitch

Just Stitch/Embroidered Flora and Fauna is a culmination of ten years of teaching in many countries and absorbing the storehouse of inspiration. The input and enthusiasm of embroiderers and the many different embroidery techniques that one rediscovers on this journey is portrayed in the book. The beautiful photo-montages of scenery, flora and fauna and a few embroidery examples are included to fire the imagination of the reader. It is a photographic journey of where one can find inspiration.

The theme is that of Flora and Fauna using an abundance of hand-dyed and textured fibres. This wealth of textures has been simplified by beginning with one simple stitch – couching. Embedded in the many projects in the book are glorious techniques, finally moving into the third dimension. The projects cater for different skills and levels of expertise and offer a wide spectrum of choice for all needle-crafters.

The beginning of Just Stitch/Embroidered Flora and Fauna involves basic necessities and a spectacular chapter on techniques with new dimensions and ideas. To mention but a few of these techniques; how to handle textured (creative) threads, ribbon work focusing on organza and taffeta, manipulation of wool and felt, appliqué techniques (ideal for quilters), a dash of beading, photo transfer, working with net (tulle), stumpwork (wired work) and Barbola (unwired elevated shapes). This is the “how to” section on understanding the use of mixed media embroidery . To tie up the concept of Just stitch; a photograph of an Agapanthus bloom (which inspired a painting) is illustrated in two different projects showing the diversity of choice within the techniques chapter. The project Agapanthus africanus is a textured interpretation which is ideal for a cushion or quilt block while the more complex interpretation of the Agapanthus plant, in the third dimension, is perfect for a framed picture.

Twelve colours are represented and each colour break offers the reader two projects within the spectrum – one simple and another more adventurous. Scattered between the colours are spreads of inspiration within the individual colour range. To give an example of the projects; in the colour red Just Stitch offers step by step techniques on how to create a totally three dimensional Gerbera (fairly adventurous) or a silk appliqué, finely embroidered dragonfly (quick and easy).

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