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Les Designs Product Example

Les Designs Product Example

Les Designs Product Example

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Impressionist Vase
(French version available)

Picture approximately 30cmx 30cm square. Threads and ribbon are combined using free-style embroidery and traditional stitchery. The impressionist art from the late 19th century was the inspiration for this embroidery cloth.

Impressionist Vase
Antique Still Life

Picture approximately 25cmx 30cm in size. This design incorporates many aspects of free-style embroidery including dimensional crewel stitches, stumpwork, ribbon embroidery and many other ideas. The images take the embroiderer from buds to flowers, fruit and foliage. It is designed to inspire the embroiderer to experiment with the potential of different stitches, threads and texture – to develop an enjoyment of mixed media.

Antique Still Life
i Vazi
African Vases

Cords have never been so easy…
The basic vase design is enhanced with round cords and knitted rayon cords worked on an appliqué base of exciting fabrics. Details of simple and composite stitches give extra dimension. Picture approximately 25cm x 20cm in size.

African Vase
NEW KIT Symphony of flowers

The inspiration for this exquisite embroidery was a hand coloured engraving by Robert Furber, ’12 months of flowers' 1730. It is a glorious sampler with a multitude of stitches. The techniques range from simple basic embroidery to elevated stitches; wired and unwired needlelace and double-sided embroidery. The actual design is 21cm x 18cm on an approx 40cm x 40cm background.

Symphony Vase

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