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Our new book 'Delicious Embroidery' is due for release shortly.


"Just Stitch" is available as a co-edition called "Embroidered Flora and Fauna". The content is the same only the cover is different. Currently "Embroidered Flora and Fauna" is sold out but "JUST STITCH" is available.
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Embroidered Flora and Fauna is available in French. It is called “Broder la Flore et la Fuane”. Several of our full kit designs are now in French too.
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Stitch of the Month/Season: Picot stitches

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Delicious Embroidery

"Delicious Embroidery" is the coming together of mother and daughter and east meets west. The common denominator is a passion for the art of embroidery. Our new flavours (technique chapter) has evolved as a result of our worldwide embroidery tutorials and the generosity of our incredible needlework students.

Lesley (South Africa) and Nikki (Hong Kong) take you on a gastronomic feast. Enjoy delicious techniques and the menu of 18 projects. From simple to extravagant, the design application ranges from breakfast to lunch or supper.

The world of embroidery is your oyster; we hope this book whets your appetite…

Les Designs has been active for more than 25 years. Les Designs produces kits, books and textured threads covering a range of skills from appliqué and patchwork to three-dimensional hand embroidery. Over the years Lesley and Nikki have extended their range of stitching skills from machine to handwork. They share a passion for freestyle embroidery and have developed unique approaches to the delivery of their the craft.

One of the many exciting aspects of the range of products from Les Designs is three-dimensional, free-style hand embroidery, experimenting with texture using creative threads. Mixing the media allows a freedom of expression and the many techniques incorporated are: appliqué, barbola, beads, crewel stitches, felt work, photo-transfer, ribbon work, stumpwork, textured threads, traditional embroidery, trapunto quilting and interpretation of inspiration.

Many different types of stitches appear in the books and kits. To mention but a few: cast-on buttonhole, drizzle stitch with beads, parma stitch, picot, raised chain, etc. The needlework offers simple designs for beginners, which incorporate flora and fauna, and more advanced designs with many different techniques and varied themes.

Just stitch with Les Designs!

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